Why Siyamuva

We know what our clients expect, and we have spent 15 years honing our skills and refining our offering to ensure the efficient provision of reliable products and services.

We recognise that simply providing the right products and services won’t set us apart from the crowd. Nevertheless, we always go above and beyond to ensure rapid response times, dependable assistance and high-quality customer service – and our customers will testify to that.

What our customers have to say about us

So if our unrivalled service doesn’t set us apart, what does? As we see it, there are 5 factors which make us the partner of choice for all your global conveying, warehousing and associated products and services.

A world-class product range

Over the past decade and a half, we have built up an impressive range of world-class products, offering our own solutions as well as some of the best global brands on the market today. With partner relationships spanning decades, we boast unrivalled knowledge of the products we offer.

Our Partners:


Having gained substantial industry experience alongside real-world exposure, we are able to take an innovative approach to both identifying products that suit the growing African market, and to proposing the ideal solution for all our clients.

Expert advice

We have been designing and installing materials handling and storage solutions for both big and small companies for 15 years. Combined with our extensive product knowledge, this means we are able to advise you on the right product for your application and use. While this may seem trivial, purchasing the wrong product can be expensive and time-consuming.

Taking time to understand your needs

We understand that even small delays in production can have big consequences, and we take this seriously. That’s why we take the time to understand your requirements upfront, focusing on ensuring that you make a wise and sustainable investment.

A deep understanding of the African market

As a proudly-South African company, we have developed a significant understanding of the African market. This enables us to supply world-class products that meet and exceed the specific needs faced by our clientele all across the continent.

We understand immediate budget constraints, but experience has taught us to focus on longer-term views in order to save our clients money in the long run, keeping time, quality and money at the front of our minds.


Over the years, we have enhanced our approach to remove the headaches and frustration from the design, planning, assembly and installation of any project. We have a laser-like focus on key metrics such as improved efficiency, return on investment and, ultimately, giving you products and solutions that you are 100% confident in. This dedication to effectivity and efficiency sees our customers coming back to us again and again.