Work Stations

Work Stations
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Work Stations

In any operation, every process requires manipulation and input from personnel. Gone are the days when a simple desk would suffice as an effective work area; today, we have a myriad of external devices that assist in making the process easier and more human-friendly.

Siyamuva’s workstation solutions not only identify the requirements for the interface of all processing, printing, packaging, scanning, labelling, weighting, etc., and how each needs to fit into a workstation, but also the people who will conduct the actual processes. All of these elements are integrated into the workstation solution, ensuring that the entire system is flawless.

Our workstations are designed in-house by our highly experienced team. Providing unrivalled quality and strength, these units are built to last in a warehouse or workshop environment.

Siyamuva’s workstations enable you to:

  • Organise workflow
  • Increase workflow
  • Maximise storage space
  • Maximise floorspace
  • Create an aesthetic
  • working environment
  • Increase productivity and employee morale

Our workstations are ideal for:

  • Picking and packing environments
  • Manifesting of orders
  • Order processing
  • Packaging
  • Assemblies
  • Quality control

For use in:

  • Distribution centres
  • Postal centres
  • Production facilities
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Courier businesses
  • Assembly lines
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Laboratories

Ergonomic worktables

Being able to complete tasks efficiently is the drive of all businesses, and these worktables emphasise ergonomics to ensure efficiency is met time and time again.


Mobile units

In some facilities and operations, workers need to move from one area to another, while still having all the requirements to complete the task on-hand. Our mobile units are specially designed to suit your particular needs, and can incorporate power or battery packs, mobile Wi-Fi units and/or scanners.


Corner units

These corner units are specifically designed to maximise the effective utilisation of space. Rather than simply filling the space, these units provide an effective and beneficial solution.


Back-to-back solutions

Sharing services and consumables leads to better productivity, reduced cost and better utilisation of space. The Siyamuva team is able to design the best possible solution for you, taking into account the services and consumables required, as well as the space needed to assemble and store product.


Multipurpose units

A table is a table is a table – but only if you’re using it in benign, run-of-the-mill situations. But if what you need a workstation that has multiple uses in tandem with various external devices in multiple workflows? Siyamuva has the answer, and will design a custom solution for your specific requirements.

Laboratory stations

From hospitals and medical research centres to production floors, many industries make use of laboratories. Our range of laboratory and testing stations are designed to maintain the integrity of the processes being carried out in any laboratory, ensure the equipment used is being maintained and protected to supplier standards, and uphold a work area that meets the highest industry standards.

Whatever you need your laboratory station to do, our team can create the ideal solution for you.


Manifest stations

In today’s world of instant gratification and customers demanding premium services above all else, we understand the need to have a manifesting station that ensures each product is checked, packed and shipped on time, to specification and with the least amount of cost. If we don’t already have the perfect solution for you, we are able to design the best possible custom manifest station for your needs.


Computer stands

With the continuous development of IT and the associated infrastructure required, Siyamuva has designed a range of computer stands to suit any requirement. Whether it’s a simple office solution or a fully-integrated, multiple-faceted IT command centre, we have the right solution for you.