T-Slot Profiles


Our T-Slot aluminium extrusions are designed to help you create almost anything you can imagine – simply insert a T-Nut or T-Bolt into the slotted extrusion and tighten, no welding required! All you will need is a few simple hand-tools to create a strong, durable and lightweight structure that is both functional and attractive. T-Slots are maintenance-free, with a clear finish that is resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Get in touch with our design and technical team today for any queries you may have around carry capacities, bending moments or any other product or design info.

Die cast brackets

These solid triangular brackets are used to connect our aluminium profile at 90°. Using our brackets as connecting elements strengthens the sturdiness of any assembly, and our brackets are fastened to the profile using T-nuts / T-bolts and bolts / nuts.

Our die cast brackets are available in the following variants:

Linear Bar

Linear bars

Our linear bars for T-slot extrusions are used to connect two similar extrusions to each other on the horizontal plane, maintaining a clear surface area. Our linear bars are an extremely strong way of connecting aluminium T-slots, while maintaining the look and feel of the product. The connection can be made even stronger when multiple bars are used at one joint. Our linear bars are tightened by means of four grub screws, which are supplied with each unit.


Splice plates

We have a range of splice plates to suit any application, from fixing two pieces of aluminium together to form a 90° angle, to connecting multiple pieces together to form a more intricate joint. Our splice plates also afford the opportunity to connect various size aluminium pieces together in simple or complex joints, depending on your needs. Our splice plates are fastened with either our T-nuts and standard bolts, or our T-bolts and standard nuts.

If we don’t have the right splice plate for your requirements, our design team is able to tailor-make a custom solution according to your specifications.

Quick Connector M12x20

Quick connector bolts

Our quick connector bolts for T-slot extrusions are used to connect two similar extrusions to each other at a right angle, while maintaining a clear surface area. This provides an extremely strong way to connect aluminium T-slots at 90° angles, ensuring that the look and feel of the product is not negatively impacted. Our quick connector bolts are tightened by means of an Allen key.