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Racking and shelving

Our Storage Systems offer quality products, manufactured in Germany and stocked and supplied locally from our distribution centre in Boksburg, South Africa. Our Storage Systems product range is designed to improve and inspire your warehouse environment, making it the best it can be.

Siyamuva has completed projects ranging from pallet live storage and carton live storage, to plastic bins and containers, and boltless shelving solutions that are ideal for the warehouse, office, home and retail environments in South Africa and beyond.

boltless shelving solutions

Exceptionally adaptable and highly flexible, our shelving installations are designed according to high quality standards, and are suitable for storing anything you can imagine. The height and length of these units can be adjusted to perfectly fit any room, and they are easy to assemble and rebuild. Ideal for storing and picking loose items and any units and packages not stored on pallets, the shelving can be expanded upon when more space is needed.

Industrial shelving

A shelving rack for the industrial sector needs to meet a number of different requirements. Our shelving installations are designed to be expanded and adjusted to meet each customer’s individual desires and needs.

Our high bay shelving lets you make full use of vertical space, while lower shelving variants make it easy to access goods even without the use of ladders.

Tall or heavy loads, large items, small packages or containers – whatever the size or weight of the goods you store, our shelves are available in widths and load capacities to match.

shelving installations for the industrial sector are available in a number of different types:

  • Type EL (extra light)
  • Type L (light)
  • Type M (medium)
  • Type S (heavy)
  • Type Large-Scale Shelving

The shelf capacity varies by category (100-350 kg), as does the racking run carrying capacity (800-1600 kg).

Supply shelving

Our shelving makes for ideal supply shelving, as it can be restocked from both sides following the first-in, first-out principle (FIFO), making it well-suited for supplying items to assembly points.

The shelves can be conveniently supplied from one side while components required for the assembly and finishing process are quickly and easily retrieved from the other side. The shelving system enables a clearly visible, well-structured supply of parts and goods, and further provides sufficient space for a surplus reserve.

Supply shelving is available in a single deep version (for one container) and a double deep version (for two containers). It is also available with straight or inclined shelves. The inclined versions are particularly well-suited for the clear presentation of items and swift, ergonomic retrieval of goods.

File shelving

Our shelving is perfect for space-efficient archiving of files and folders, even over longer periods of time.

Customised to suit the file folder size, the shelves are available in a single deep version (suitable for one row of folders per shelf) and a double deep variant (for two rows of folders per shelf). Both variants are available in a galvanised or light grey (RAL 7035) version, depending on your preferred colour.

The integrated rear retaining lip prevents files from sliding off the shelves. A side safety barrier, available separately, prevents folders from falling off the sides of the shelves.

Racking solutions

Siyamuva offers a range of storage solutions for palletised goods. From classical pallet racking to pallet live storage, drive-in racking, automated pallet storage and shuttle-assisted storage, we offer a complete set of solutions to optimise pallet storage at your warehouses and picking locations, designed according to your exact needs.

We’ll help you choose the ideal system for your requirements, while handling project planning and supporting your project throughout the installation process and beyond.

Pallet racking

Classic pallet racking remains, as ever, the most popular storage system for palletised goods – despite the increasing use of modern technology in the storage and picking fields.

The system allows convenient access to every pallet. Moreover, the racking configuration can be easily modified and extended. Flexibility and relatively low investment costs have made this system essential for storage and order picking.

With useful and practice-proven accessories, our pallet racking system allows optimal storage of palletised loads in all shapes and sizes.

The most common configuration is multi-position storage with 2 – 4 pallets per bay. If pallets are buffered, or if complete pallet loads are to be handled, pallets are stored short side-facing. For order picking, however, pallets are generally stored long side-facing, in order to facilitate access.

The pallet racking system is available in a range of versions, the most common of which are broad aisle racking, narrow aisle racking and mobile pallet racking.

The many benefits of pallet racking systems include:

  • 100% access
    Unlike block or aisle-based storage, classic pallet racking allows complete access to all stored items. Each pallet can easily be reused.
  • High degree of flexibility
    The pallet rack can be easily reorganised and expanded. It is the most versatile and flexible heavy-duty storage system, allowing for the storage of goods and packages in all shapes and sizes.
  • Easy picking
    Pallet racks are compatible with all modern lift truck types and picking vehicles.
  • Low investment costs
    Basic investment costs for pallet racking systems are low.

Siyamuva's range of solutions offer further advantages:

  • Colour
    Galvanised frames and plastic-coated blue beams stand out clearly against wooden pallets, allowing for colour-coded division and therefore ensuring greater safety when storing and retrieving items – especially on high shelves. Colour combinations also make for a more pleasant working environment.
  • A broad range of accessories
    A wide range of accessories and safety equipment complements the pallet racks’ modular approach. These ensure smooth running in your warehouse, minimising damage to the racks and helping to prevent certain losses.
  • More accessories for shelves
    Depending on the load carriers or the goods to be stored, the racking system’s shelves can be fitted with a wide range of different drop-in segments.
  • Convert stockkeeping warehouses into picking zones
    As a manufacturer of live storage systems, we can use pallet racks to turn your stockkeeping warehouse into an efficient picking site. This allows you to effortlessly and ergonomically pick boxes, containers and even individual components from the lower levels, while storing replenishing supplies on the upper levels.
  • Quality certificate
    Our pallet racking carries the RAL quality mark, a particularly special distinction.
  • Wide range of storage options
    Pallet racks are suitable for both long side-on and long side-facing storage, as well as single- and multi-position storage.
Broad aisle racking

Broad aisle racking is the standard solution for pallet racking. In this design, servicing is generally done with front stackers, reach trucks or man-up stacker cranes. The aisle width is intended to suit forklift truck dimensions. The floor level can be conveniently serviced with a hand pallet truck or an electric lift truck.

  • This is the entry-level variant for cost-effective pallet storage, and is ideal for flexibility, allowing for the storage of a wide range of goods while providing direct access to all items. Broad aisle racking is compatible with all modern forklift trucks.
Narrow aisle facility

This high-rise structure with narrow aisles enables the ideal use of vertical capacity, as well as ensuring an efficient use of floorspace. As a rule, narrow aisle facilities are serviced with man-operated stacker cranes or order picking trucks. This allows picking of smaller unit loads from all racking levels. Guide rails and inductive steering ensure that service vehicles always stay at the ideal distance from the installation.

  • This is the perfect solution for optimal usage of existing floor area and vertical space. With this system, there is no need to transfer items to be picked down to a lower level; using man-up, narrow-aisle lift trucks, you can pick goods from any shelf. The system offers high operating stability, as there is no need for individuals to have to wait in the aisles.
Mobile pallet racking

The use of mobile pallet racking reduces the need for costly floorspace. Thanks to the racks’ mobility, only one aisle needs to be open for picking at any one time; the rest of the space is filled as efficiently as possible with closely-packed racking runs. Each of the individual racking runs can be relocated, allowing access to all pallets at all times. It is also possible to open several smaller aisles, rather than one broad aisle wide enough for track circulation.

  • This is a highly-effective solution, in which surface area is used as efficiently as possible. Therefore, storage capacity is maximised, while huge amounts of floorspace are saved. Particularly in cost-intensive deep-freeze storage, the compact structure reduces space requirements – and therefore energy costs – dramatically.
Automated servicing

Alongside classic palletised storage and retrieval, automated picking and the use of shuttle carriers are growing in importance. The higher initial investment costs are quickly regained, thanks to significantly faster picking and order processing.

Other designs

Multi-tier pallet racks allow multiple employees to pick goods at the same time, enabling the processing of significantly more orders.

Our pallet racking also works perfectly with other racking systems, such as live storage. It can be combined into a broader system, perfectly adjusting to the logistical processes in your warehouse.

Cantilever racking

To store long, bulky items, you need specialist storage solutions customised to suit the size and weight of your stored goods.

Storage systems for long loads such as pipes and profiles, flat items such as wood and steel panels, or bulky goods must therefore be individually custom-made, and tailored not just to the goods stored, but also to the storage space available to you.

This flexible racking system lets you store long items such as profiles and piping, as well as flat items such as wood and steel plates and other bulky construction components.

The rack consists of columns and cantilever arms, and can be configured for either single- or double-sided use. Depending on the chosen coating, the racks can be used indoors (plastic-coated or painted) or outdoors (hot-dip galvanised).

Siyamuva customises the dimensions of each individual component. Depending on the size and weight of the goods stored, as well as the available space, we design the system to meet your exact needs and integrate it into your existing warehouse and logistical operations.

We offer a broad range of uprights and cantilever arm profiles with numerous material strengths and designs.

Depending on the height and weight of the goods stored, we offer three different options: cantilever racking for light (type L), medium (type S) and extra-heavy (ES) loads. By combining these types with the right accessories, we can meet your specific needs and desires.

Our products, and the professionally designed, customised racking systems for long loads, are based on your unique data (warehouse size and equipment, existing foundation, type of goods stored, etc.).

Light and medium weight goods (types L and S)

The light to medium load variant of the cantilever racking system consists of uprights with cantilever arms, adjustable in intervals of 60mm without the need for bolts. Cantilever arms and shelves are easily assembled and adjusted, as they do not need any bolts or screws.

The racking system can be expanded as required and can be configured for single- or double-sided use. Item weight permitting, goods can be stored and picked by hand. However, the system is also compatible with all modern service vehicles, and is ideal for automated use.

  • This boltless system can be adjusted in 60mm intervals without the need for screws or bolts.
  • Cantilever arms and shelves can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet your needs.

Extra-heavy goods (type ES)

Cantilever racking for extra-heavy goods is assembled and adjusted with screws. Cantilever arms and shelves are height-adjustable in 50mm or 100mm increments. The uprights and cantilever arms consist of solid hot-rolled IPE steel profiles, making them particularly robust and resilient. They can be configured for single- or double-sided use.

Cantilever racking for extra-heavy goods should only be used in combination with lift trucks or a crane, depending on the height and the goods stored.

  • The screwed-on cantilever arms are height-adjustable in 50mm or 100mm increments.
  • Thanks to its limited number of components, assembling this racking system is quick and easy.

The benefits of Siyamuva's cantilever racking include:

  • Visible and well-organised storage
    In cantilever racking systems, long and bulky goods are clearly and correctly stored, allowing quick access to all items inside.
  • Efficient use of warehouse space
    Our cantilever racking is customised to suit your existing warehouse space, making the best possible use of the warehouse’s floorspace and volume.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
    Our cantilever racking is available in galvanised and varnished versions. Depending on the surface treatment, it can be used either indoors or outdoors. A canopy guarantees that goods stored outside will be kept dry.
  • Single- and double-sided configuration
    The system allows the rack to be used from either side.
  • Relatively low investment costs
    Low setup costs make the system one of the more cost-effective solutions available.
  • Versatile applications
    The storage system is highly flexible, easy to expand and ideal for storing a wide range of bulky items.
  • Rapid assembly
    Our cantilever racking can be quickly and easily assembled and refitted as it uses a relatively small number of components.