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Mezzanines and multi-tier

Structurally-supported floors drastically improve your space utilisation by using an area that is almost always forgotten – the volume above the work or storage area not taken up by racking or shelving.

Together with our product partners, we are not only able to supply a full turnkey solution that adds square meters to your facility – volume you are paying for, but might not be fully utilising – but can supply and integrate the systems needed to move the product up or down. This makes us a one-stop supplier, ensuing that risks and cost are reduced, while quality and benefits are exponentially increased.

Mezzanine system

Ideal space efficiency, maximum carrying capacity

Our mezzanine system is highly stable, flexible and available in a number of variants. This means that it integrates well into many different warehouse designs.

The installation’s multi-tier design lets you design each tier to meet a different set of requirements, making effective use of cost-intensive storage space.

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If you need to store heavy loads, you need to use a corresponding high-capacity, suitably designed shelving system.

Thanks to an extremely stable self-supporting steel frame, the mezzanine system is ideally suited to storing heavy loads, and can store distributed loads over 1 000kg/m², given a suitably sturdy warehouse floor. Columns and joists form a rigid base structure which does not require cross bracing, permitting access from all sides. Mezzanine platforms/tiers can be adjusted to any required height.

We work together with you to plan your mezzanine and adjust its construction and equipment to precisely meet your specific requirements.

Mezzanine systems are ideal if:

  • You want to make flexible use of your storage area across multiple levels
  • You want to make the most efficient use of the surface area and height of cost-intensive storage space
  • You need a particularly stable solution for storing heavy loads – the mezzanine’s capacity can exceed 1 000kg/m2
  • You want to store goods on different levels depending on turnover frequency (low-turnover products on the top level, high-turnover products below or at ground level), while potentially still using the ground floor as a production area

The mezzanine system offers perfect space utilisation with compact storage on several tiers:

  • High degree of floorspace utilisation
    Siyamuva’s mezzanine system offers extensive storage space in the same surface area. Adding a mezzanine will multiply your building’s storage efficiency several times over.
  • Increased space usage by 100%
    Siyamuva’s mezzanine system lets you truly make full use of your storage capacity, including vertical space. This lets you more efficiently and cost-effectively offset high building occupancy expenses, with space usage increased by up to 100%.
  • The creation of additional space
    The mezzanine’s multi-tier design opens up additional storage, picking and/or assembly space. The area under the mezzanine can also be used to meet your needs – for example, as a work area.
  • Faster order completion
    Effective use of vertical space with a multi-tier installation enables parallel picking across multiple tiers with direct access to all items. This streamlines order processing.

Multi-tier solutions

Compact storage across multiple tiers

Our multi-tier installations mean cost-effective storage.
These multi-tier shelving installations are designed to make full use of the vertical space in your warehouse, multiplying available space within the same surface area. The wide range of designs and corresponding accessories means that the multi-tier installations are suitable for use in any industry.

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Multi-tier installations are available in a number of different designs: as a single-tier version with a mezzanine on top, or as a multi-tier construction. Stairs and/or lifts connect the walkways/aisles on different tiers.

Positioning the shelving tiers one over another at different levels reduces travel distances for employees, allowing jobs to be completed with greater speed.

Multi-tier installations are ideal if:

  • You want to make full use of cost-intensive storage space and valuable surface area – Siyamuva’s multi-tier installations increase space usage by up to 100%
  • You want to store a wide range of different items, the number of different item types is constantly increasing, and you need direct access to each article
  • You want to store goods on different levels depending on their turnover frequency (low-turnover products on the top level, high-turnover products on the bottom level)

Multi-tier installations offer a range of specific advantages:

  • Safe stairways
    The stairs for the multi-tier installations are equipped with safety barriers; the steps are solid and safe to climb.
  • Stable railings
    The installations’ railings use a highly stable design to protect employees working on each tier of the installation.
  • High carrying capacity and stability
    Thanks to stiffening beams and additional diagonal connectors, the racking installations are exceptionally sound with a very high carrying capacity. This also increases the racking runs’ stability.
  • Easily adjustable shelf height
    When changing your range of goods or the quantity of items stored, the shelf height can be quickly and easily adjusted in 25mm increments.

These installations offer perfect space utilisation with compact storage on several tiers:

  • High degree of floorspace utilisation
  • Increase available space by up to 100% – additional storage and picking space
  • Enable parallel picking across multiple tiers – faster job completion
  • Compact storage space – short travel distances, direct access when picking

Storage technology can hardly get any more efficient: multi-tier installations allow you to make full use of existing warehouse volume. Whether used as a standalone solution or as part of a complete package, multi-tier racking systems are an ideal way to multiply your available storage room and efficiently arrange costly floorspace. This multi-level system is highly cost-effective, as the shelf structures also serve as the carrying elements for the shelves above them – saving construction costs.