T-Slot Profiles


The Siyamuva T-slot aluminium range offers a comprehensive assortment of connectors and fasteners to ensure any assembly or build is structurally sound and robust. However, if you want to add a little extra to make your build or assembly more aesthetically pleasing, we have a variety of accessories on offer.

END CAP-edited


Our end caps are used on the ends of all our extrusions to cover the open side, ensuring that no dust or dirt can enter the profile. Our end caps also cover sharp edges and finish off the cut side neatly and aesthetically, and are available in black and are attached to the profile with a simple press fit.


Plastic feet

Our black plastic feet are the perfect addition to many aluminium assemblies, ranging from standard office desks and furniture to more advanced assemblies and conveyor modules. These feet are fully adjustable up to 50mm and are available in 40mm and 100mm diameters. For maximum convenience, our black plastic feet are easily screwed into our profiles with an M12 bolt and nut.


Cover strips

Our cover strips offer an easy solution to covering the slot on our T-slot aluminium profiles. These covers allow for peripheral wiring or network cables to be easily hidden away, and finish off the face of the profile. Our cover strips are available in standard black or grey, other colours are available on request.


Slot-reducing profiles

These rubber ‘gaskets’ assist in the installation of panelling, ensuring that whatever panel you’re installing into the T-slot aluminium profile fits securely without any need for additional sealing or finishing. Our slot-reducing profiles also allow for some protection against weather, dirt and dust, while finishing off any panel assembly neatly and aesthetically.



Our hinges are used to join two parts together, creating a revolute joint that allows elements to rotate relative to each other, and to swing inwards or outwards.


Black handles

Our black handles are attached to our T-slot aluminium profiles for the easy manipulation of our trolleys or other constructions. These handles are ergonomically formed and strong enough to handle heavy loads.



Our T-slot aluminium solutions allow for additional panels to be easily added to any assembly or structure. The ‘slot’ allows panels with thicknesses up to 10mm; should thinner panels be used, our slot-reducing profile allows for the gap to be filled, while ensuring a sound solution. We offer the following panel types:

  • Mild steel, powder-coated
  • Stainless steel
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • Airwall
  • Plexiglass
  • Correx