Our Services

Design & planning

We pride ourselves on developing customer ideas into tangible products, following our own unique design process.

Every project starts with an idea, which we turn into a conceptual drawing for approval by the customer. This presents a detailed image of the customer’s requirement, while identifying possible areas for change and improvement. This ability to showcase conceptual designs enables us to ensure that the correct product is supplied for our customer’s specific needs, minimising cost, time and dissatisfaction.

Assembly, manufacturing & installation

Due to our extensive design, planning and feedback processes during the initial state of the project, we are able to effectively and efficiently implement the solution that our customer has approved. This further means that our production team is completely aware of the requirements, and is able to plan and execute the final solution according to the outlined delivery dates – almost to the hour.

Our team is always ready to manufacture and install turn-key solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations, with minimal on-site effort from our customers. Our tried and tested processes see us consistently delivering on time, to specification, and on budget.