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Siyamuva’s Storage Systems prides itself on its ability to provide quality products, manufactured in Germany and stocked and supplied locally from our distribution centre in Boksburg, South Africa. Our Storage Systems product range is designed to improve and inspire your warehouse environment, making it the best it can be.

Siyamuva has completed projects ranging from pallet live storage and carton live storage, to plastic bins and containers, and boltless shelving solutions that are ideal for the warehouse, office, home and retail environments in South Africa and beyond.

pallet live storage (PLS)

PROflow pallet live storage system

Choosing the right storage system can save your business significant time and expenses. Perfectly coordinated logistical processes therefore play a substantial role in your business’ success.

PROflow live pallet storage enables highly compact, clearly arranged warehousing. Process times are cut down and intralogistical flows become easier to calculate. This avoids downtime, increases warehouse productivity, and reduces storage costs.

A pallet live storage system eliminates the need for service aisles within the block, saving 60% more storage space than a standard pallet rack.

Unlike block storage, pallet live storage also always permits direct access to all stored items. This guarantees high flexibility and reduces the time taken to pick goods.

The PROflow PLS is ideal if:

  • You want to correctly stock several pallets of the same product
  • You want your logistical processes to be clearly structured
  • You want to make optimal use of your warehouse space
  • You want to make sure that there are no disruptions to the supply of goods and that all product lines are in direct access

This system offers a range of benefits:

  • High flexibility, short timeframes
    Unlike block storage, PROflow storage presents all stored items for direct access at the front of the rack, enabling high flexibility and fast order picking.
  • FIFO storage
    First stored, first picked: The FIFO principle makes it easier to monitor shelf lives, batches and production series. The distinction between picking and replenishment sides also helps prevent corresponding disruptions caused by drivers. This makes the picking process and the overall warehouse environment safer.
  • Eliminates unnecessary aisles
    Compact storage and the elimination of unnecessary aisles results in an increase of available floorspace of up to 60%, meaning the existing storage space can be used more effectively. Internal transport routes are dramatically shortened – travel times can be reduced by up to 40%. This minimises order throughput times, allowing output to increase correspondingly.

The PROflow works according to one of two principles: The FIFO principle, or the LIFO principle.

The FIFO principle

In the FIFO (first in, first out) principle, the first item stored is also the first to be retrieved. Each individual channel in a block is loaded with pallets from the loading side, and products are picked from the opposite side. A load separator on the picking side ensures that service vehicles can retrieve the pallets without having to compensate for lane pressure. This helps prevent damage to goods.

The LIFO principle

In the LIFO (last in, first out) principle, the last item stored is the first to be retrieved. Goods are both stocked and retrieved from the same side of the rack. The pallets are pushed into the live storage rack against the incline with the help of a service vehicle. This rack type is therefore known as push-back racking.

carton live storage (CLS)

Short travel distances for fast workflows

Carton live storage racks are suitable for use as supply racks for finishing processes and as storage and picking racks. They can be used in a variety of situations and enable compact, clearly organised storage of goods. Reduced travel distances increase system efficiency, working times are reduced while picking performance is increased, and investment costs often pay off within a year. A highly sophisticated, ergonomic design reduces the physical stress placed on employees.

The CLS system is ideal if:

  • You need to target a high picking efficiency rate – with carton live storage racks, goods can be retrieved five time as quickly as from a standard shelving system
  • You want to pick high- and medium-turnover products with high stock rotation, avoiding idle time caused by a lack of supply
  • You want to complete customer orders quickly and efficiently, avoiding picking errors whenever possible
  • You want to supply goods and parts quickly and clearly on a FIFO basis at workstations or along production lines

This system offers a range of benefits:

  • Flexible use
  • Increased efficiency
  • Compact, clearly organised storage
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • Rapid amortisation

Beyond these benefits, our system offers the following:

  • Carton live storage racks supply goods on a FIFO basis. Picking works based on the operator-to-goods principle.
  • The racks are loaded from the rear, moving along plastic rollers to the opposite side, where they can be retrieved as and when needed.
  • In carton live storage racks, items are stored individually, in plastic containers or as a single packaged unit.