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Storage bins and containers

Once your goods have been produced, it is vital to ensure that the quality of your product is guaranteed, and that their operation is as user-friendly as possible.

These storage bins and containers are designed to give your goods the best possible protection during intralogistics transport, while assisting with the streamlining of processes for maximum efficiency. Our range includes a wide variety of container systems for all applications and working conditions – from picking containers and stackable bins, to small parts and multi-purpose boxes, storage containers and trays for automated warehouses.

Robust, ergonomically sophisticated and available in a range of variants – or built to your individual standards – Our containers guarantee maximum protection and visibility, as well as simple, cost-conscious and eco-friendly handling.

Storage and transport

European-sized container systems for space-efficient storage

XL European-sized stacking containers

Multifaceted with various options

The XL European-sized stacking container is our most multifaceted storage container series. A range of standard European sizes and configuration options allows you to store and transport your goods based on your exact needs.

KLT small parts containers

Secure even under heavy loads

The KLT picking container for automated small parts storage installations is our most stable and robust box, designed for particularly heavy loads. Its ergonomically shaped hand grips mean it is also ideal for manual handling.

Small parts

Perfect order and optimal access to small items and C-items

SK storage bins

Clearly visible and perfectly sorted

Small items are at their most visible in the SK storage bins. SK containers are the ideal sorting bins for supplying a wide range of small items for use in working processes. To enable ergonomic item retrieval, the storage bins have an opening at the front that can be closed using a transparent sliding window.

RK storage and handling bins

The ideal containers for cabinet shelving systems

The RK storage and handling bins are designed to perfectly fit cabinet shelving systems. The sizes and dimensions of these stackable containers are designed to exactly match the dimensions of cabinet shelves. The available space is used as efficiently as possible, while containers remain secure without sliding around. These robust boxes can be optionally fitted with back-and-forth and cross-dividers to store a wide range of articles while keeping them clearly visible.

PK storage bins

Budget-friendly bin range with a large storage capacity and useful accessories

If larger volume for smaller parts is what you need, then the PK range is the best solution for you. This range is perfectly adapted to shelf sizes, with a bevelled front face for immediate product identification. The bin can also be sub-divided to accommodate several of the same stock references in the same bin, such as different colour variants. Bin labels are supplied with the unit.

CTB C-item containers

The ultimate combination of visible and shelf storage

The CTB C-item containers represent the unique, optimised combination of the SK bins for visible storage and the RK bins for shelf storage. These containers are extremely stable, applicable to a wide range of purposes, and fit cabinet shelf dimensions perfectly. The newly designed front window made of transparent polypropylene can be easily slid down to open without having to move the container itself or remove anything from it, giving you direct access to the items inside.

Nesting and folding

Reduced storage space requirements for empty containers, enabling lower storage and transport costs

MB multi-purpose containers

Stackable boxes to minimise storage requirements

The MB is a stackable, highly stable tapered multi-purpose container, also designed for use in automated warehouses and shuttle facilities. Stacking these multi-purpose containers inside one another reduces the storage space required for empty boxes – and therefore storage and shipping costs as well – by up to 75%!

This multi-purpose bin is ideal for picking and also makes for the perfect storage and transport box. It is often used for high-value freight and in the medical sector.

EQ folding boxes

Revolutionary folding containers

The EQ folding box is a real innovation: it can be folded down to save exceptional amounts of space and is also easy to handle, highly robust, ergonomically designed and conveniently carried.

This unique design has already won multiple function and design awards.

U-turn BOX

The lightweight space champion

The U-turn stack and nest container is part of the EQ folding box range and now offers a full range of volume-saving bins and boxes. The new stack and nest container combines all the advantages of a conventional stacking container. With a simple 180° rotation, the U-turn can be stacked or nested, saving on empty container volume and reducing space occupation in your warehouse and/or during transport by up to 60% – all of which significantly cuts down on freight costs.

The U-turn BOX is a real space saving champion that will help you optimise your logistics processes thanks to the stack and nest function and the ergonomic design.

Large volume containers

High volume in half-pallet format

SL 86 large volume containers

Exceptionally durable with a large half-drop door

The SL 86 large volume container is outstanding in all areas of application. This large bin is ideal for storing large or heavy goods during fabrication, storage or picking. The box can hold a weight of up to 500kg, and boasts a unique box-width and a sealable half-drop door. These containers offer maximum access to the goods inside, and a specially developed colour concept makes it easy to identify these large volume containers and their contents.

XL 800x600 large volume containers

The XL series goes large

The XL 800×600 large volume container steps up the XL series to an 800x600mm format designed to hold contents weighing up to 200kg. The basic structure matches the rest of the XL series. This large volume container can be optionally mounted with runners for forklift or lift truck transport, turning it into a light, modern handling bin.

MB 800x600 large volume containers

Stackable runner-mounted containers

The MB 800×600 complements the rest of the stackable multi-purpose series of the MB containers in a large-format 800x600mm version. The container can be optionally mounted on runners, making it compatible with forklifts and lift trucks. Even with runners added, this large volume container’s tapering design is preserved, allowing you to stack it to save space. The smooth inner and outer walls prevent dirt build up and are easy to keep clean.


Carrying aids for load carriers

XLT 64 system trays

The lowest XL container

The XLT 64 system tray has the same structure as the XL containers, and its basic internal measurements match the dimensions of European-sized stacking containers. This means that the tray can be stacked together with European-sized stacking containers, and 600x400mm bins can be placed on the tray without any issues. Smaller European module sizes up to 200x150mm can be securely fastened to the tray using fixing elements, ensuring that nothing slides around.

XLT 640 distribution tray

With internal dimensions of 600x400mm

The XLT 640 distribution tray can accept European-sized containers, cardboard boxes and other packages up to 600x400mm. Even smaller-sized items can be safely transported once secured using fixing elements. The smooth external base makes the tray excellent for carrying and particularly quiet when moved. The reinforcing ribs are on the inner side of the base. Lift aid openings allow goods to be automatically removed from the tray.

Project trays

Available in custom sizes

When moving cardboard boxes or unusually sized containers through automated logistics systems, it is necessary to use trays with custom dimensions or properties.

Our project trays are made to your specifications, allowing you to carry even unusually sized goods safely and smoothly.

MB food and delivery boxes

Keep cool – we have the ideal space-saving and versatile bin for your e-grocery business

Are you looking for the perfect bin system to support your online grocery business, especially on the last mile to your customer’s doorstep? Then the BOX MB Food and Delivery is the best possible choice!

The system consists of an MB container, modular thermo insert boxes, cool packs and dividers. With 600×400×373mm sizing, the MB box is designed to accommodate many different food packaging dimensions in a space-saving manner.

MB boxes can be subdivided as needed; for example, with thermo insert boxes made from expandable polypropylene (EPP) to allow use in different conditions, such as dry storage or cold storage areas. Thermo insert boxes are available in several sizes, allowing you to subdivide the box into different temperature zones. Cold packs ensure that ideal temperatures are maintained in the delivery box.

In order to keep temperatures within the optimum range in refrigerated food transport vehicles and in cold stores, the MB food and delivery box is also available with vented sides on request. Containers with vented sides have the added advantage of a lower weight, which means less strain for your staff. Dividers ensure that nothing slips, tips over or spills. When the containers are empty, they can be nested to save space.